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The Electrical and Electronics Engineering branch in Krupajal Engineering College started in the year 2002 , this branch of engineering concerned with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms, including those of the field of electronics. Electronics engineering is that branch of electrical engineering concerned with the uses of the electromagnetic spectrum and with the application of such electronic devices as integrated circuits and transistors.
In engineering practice, the distinction between electrical engineering and electronics is usually based on the comparative strength of the electric currents used. In this sense, electrical engineering is the branch dealing with “heavy current”—that is, electric light and power systems and apparatuses—whereas electronics engineering deals with such “light current” applications as telephone and radio communication, computers, radar, and automatic control systems. The distinction between the fields has become less sharp with technical progress. 

To organize the students to meet the demands of growing industries and to mould them into successful professionals, globally skilled and morally upright, in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, contributing to nation building and progress of humanity.
  • To impart quality and value based education enabling the students to become solution providers for the growing challenges in the industry and society.
  • To create awareness among the students, the impact of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the global scenario and the challenges of electrical based industries and organizations.
  • To enhance the competitiveness of the graduates for higher studies by promoting research and development in the field of electrical as well as interdisciplinary subjects.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Graduates will be able contribute to the development of sustainable technologies.

PEO2: Graduates as part of an organization or as Entrepreneurs, will continue to learn to hone-up evolving technologies.

PEO3: Graduates will be professional Electrical & Electronics  Engineers with ethical and societal responsibility.

PEO4: Graduates will be able to work as a team in intra and interdisciplinary endeavours for development of new ideas and products for the betterment of society.

 PSO1  An ability to specify, design and analyze the systems that efficiently generate, transmit, distribute, utilize electrical power, and apply the gained knowledge for future career.
 PSO2  An ability to analyze and control the electric drive system using solid state power electronics converters, and apply the gained skills for future prospects.
 PSO3  An ability to specify, design and implement the learning in electrical instrumentation, control and automation applications for career development.
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