Quality Policy


Krupajal Engineering College(KEC), endeavour to provide Quality technical education to all our rural students in particular, in order to (enable them) to improve their quality. Our aim is to create a quality engineering college for rural students as primary focus with built in dynamism and pragmatism to change with changing needs and aspirations of the community and its people.
In order to be recognised as a responsible, fair, just and healthy technical education organization we will adopt/ have an honest, prompt, caring courteous and solution- oriented approach in all dealing with our engineering students. We will provide efficient and effective technical education related services to all with continual improvement as our basic promise, holding ourselves responsible and accountable for all functions of KEC. Thus creating a quality educational organisation with the culture of care and growth for all rural youth. KEC strives to be heart and soul of Engineering/ Technical education in the area of Pravara and build a competent rural youth for India.
KEC is committed to offer students quality inputs in terms of knowledge, skills and values to cater for their holistic personality development, So that our future engineers are ready to face the challenges of Globalization. 


The objectives of the quality policy are:

1) To provide opportunities to faculty so that they can deliver effective and latest information to the students.  

2) To motivate students to cultivate the habit of acquiring knowledge through teachers and other learning resources.  

3) To provide opportunities to the students for continuous learning by creating desired ambience.  

4) Establish close links with industry for providing opportunities to the students and faculty to expose them to practical experiences.

5) To establish collateral tie ups with other centres of learning.

6) To groom the students as responsive citizens of the country.

7) To train the students fortify their communication skills, body language and related soft skills. 

8) To understand and meet the aspirations and expectations of the parents. 

9) To establish close contact with affiliating bodies and other authorities for mutual benefit.  

10) To provide quality infrastructure and supportive facilities to facilitate students in their learning process and the teachers in their teaching process.  

11) To expose faculty and students to the latest trends in the business and socio-economic transformation.  

12) To provide opportunities for undertaking research in various emerging areas. 

13) To create opportunities for the faculty to take up consultation. 

14) To provide quality administrative services to promote teaching learning process.

Strategic Planning



* To provide excellent facilities to students for pursuing careers in engineering; to teachers and researchers for effective teaching and to pursue research in their chosen specialization respectively.    

* To develop the college into the centre of academic excellence.

                A) Short Term Goals

                B) Long Term Goals

A)  Short Term Goals:


1)     Institution:


a) Initiate, encourage and implement innovative teaching practices.  

b) Organize/ Conduct faculty development programs in collaboration with regulatory authorities like UGC, AICTE, DTE, UOP and other professional.   

c) Imbibe learning culture among faculty and students.  

d) Develop library as a knowledge and resource centre.

e) Automation of institute activities to achieve higher level of speed and efficiency in working. 

f) Create world class state of the art facilities and ambience. 

g) To acquire the status of NAAC and NBA accredited college.  

h) Getting Higher Ranking for the Institute from  NIRF

i) To acquire the status of Research Centre in Mechanical Engineering under CSE.  



2) Student:


a) To offer programs in communicative English.

b) To develop sensitivity as responsible citizen by introducing community development programs and ensuring student participation therein promote lateral thinking.  

c) To strengthen the skills of students in problem solving and decision making. 

d) To pay personalized attention to alleviate homesickness through the “Mentoring Policy”.  

e) To involve alumni to establish by lateral exchange programs amongst students.  

f) To mitigate financial problems through “Earn and Learn Program” and Book Bank.   

g) To initiate remedial classes to support slow learners.  

h) To award students for their outstanding performance in academics / overall achievements. 


3) Teacher:


a) Periodical mentoring of students for a purposeful relationship and mutual growth.

b) Expose teachers to industry through structured internship programs to understand the dynamics of industry.  

c) Upgrade the teaching learning process to achieve excellent academic performance.  

d) To encourage teachers to acquire higher qualifications to enhance their confidence.  

e) To organize FDPs to shape them as effective teachers.

f) To organize conferences, seminars and workshops to update the knowledge and skills of teachers. 

g) To motivate teachers to publish papers in indexed journals and periodicals.  

h) To encourage teachers to participate in conferences and seminars organized at National/ International levels. 

           i) To appreciate and reward teachers for their outstanding contributions to promote the cause of the college.



B) Long Term Goals:

a) Emerge and be accepted as the preferred place for technical education and training initially in this part of India and then move into wider global horizon.  

b) To seek permanent affiliation with Affiliating University,  

c) Undertake conceptual and empirical research and leverage the same into consulting and training to become a major knowledge resource centre.

d) Groom value-based performance-oriented change leaders for society in general and the corporate sector in the process.

e) Transforming human beings into human becoming, helping people to unleash human potential in the process.  

f) Emerge as a catalyst for rural transformation.

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