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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Krupajal Engineering College (KEC), an Institution has been established with a motto to impact unparalleled quality of education to its disciplines by infusing global perspective in attitude and fostering both technical and entrepreneurship skills to face the cut-throat competitive world.

Among the top technical institutes, KEC has carved out a position for itself with its inspiring atmosphere for knowledge development, distribution, and assimilation with a feeling of social responsibility, human values, and concern for social commitment. Experiential learning and outcome-based education (OBE) are given particular attention. The academic activities are focused on giving the students a solid theoretical knowledge base and the ability to put that information into practise.

Encouragement for research based on institutional strength, with a focus on identified interdisciplinary areas such as multifunctional materials, clean and hybrid power, flexible electronic devices and systems, intelligent transport systems, and green infrastructure and management.

The students at KEC are encouraged to showcase their talents through a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. KEC makes sure that the students demonstrate that they are not just highly trained engineers but also excellent citizens of our nation.

Excellence is something that is continuously pursued at KEC. Towards this objective, the institute has gone to great extents to include world-renowned technocrats, prosperous businesspeople, capable managers, creative scientists, and researchers among its contributors.

Dr. Dillip Kumar Biswal

Ph.D(Mechanical Engineering),M.Tech,B.Tech

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Odisha, India

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